How Long Does An iPhone Alarm Go Off: Alarm Clock 101

How Long Does An iPhone Alarm Go Off

This write-up looks at How Long Does An iPhone Alarm Go Off?

Have you ever wondered how long does iPhone alarm ring for, if you do not hit the snooze button or the stop button? Have you ever wondered whether the iPhone alarm stop after a while or will continue ringing until you turn it off?

The iPhone alarm will usually ring for about 15 minutes at once before it stops. After this, your iPhone will show that your alarm has been silenced at the exact time when it stopped. You can remove this reminder by stopping the alarm later on.

Alarm clocks are a necessary evil in our lives. While they may be annoying most of the time they also help us wake up at the right time and start our day without fail. Imagine what would the condition be like if we did not have alarms. The worst-case scenario would be catching an early morning flight.

So, alarm clocks are a very important invention that has allowed us to live an easy and timely life, not miss important events, and most importantly, wake up every day and start our day at an appropriate time. 

Alarms are also a very ancient invention. It has been in our systems for centuries, although the technology used differs from today. Nowadays, people do not even use alarm clocks anymore. We have the alarm feature in-built in almost all phones, including smartphones which allows us to set as many alarms as possible. 

Apple also has features alarm systems in their devices, including the iPhone. You can set multiple alarms on an iPhone that will go off at their respective time. Along with this, apple has some other features, such as Bedtime, which automatically sets your alarm daily.

iPhone alarm is one of the best ways to ensure that you are ahead of your schedule and on track with your progress in life. If you manage not to hate it, an alarm can be a real blessing.

In this article, we will tell you all about iPhone alarms and their duration of ringing. We will explain the whole process and how to change the features for convenience.

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How Long Does an iPhone Alarm Go For

How Long Does an iPhone Alarm Go For

An iPhone alarm, which is set, will go off for precisely fifteen minutes before it is stopped by the phone automatically. After this, you will see a reminder on your phone which tells you that your alarm has been silenced until a particular time. After this time, the alarm will go off again. 

Usually, this time period for which it is silenced is One and a half hours. This means the alarm will go off again after one and a half hours and stop ringing after fifteen minutes if you still fail to stop it. 

The phone will repeatedly follow this cycle until you manage to stop the alarm manually. Therefore, iPhone has this great feature of waking you up. Even if you are stubborn and fail to wake up within those first 15 minutes, the iPhone will again wake you up after 90 minutes to ensure that you may be late, but not too late for your work, school, or college.

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How to Set an iPhone Alarm That Rings Once

How to Set an iPhone Alarm That Rings Once

Even if you wake up on time, you might still need an alarm to ensure you are up and have started your day. If you do not want the alarm to go off again once it rings, then you can customize the settings of your iPhone to change it. 

This is an excellent feature of the alarm given by iPhones. It shuts down the alarm after it stops ringing and does not ring again. To enable this feature, follow the few simple steps below – 

  • Open Clock > Alarm 
  • Tap “Edit” and select the alarm you want to edit. 
  • There will be an option of “Repeat” in this section. Turn it to “Never”. 
  • Once this is done, save the changes. 

Therefore, once this change is done, the alarm will only ring once, and if you shut it down or let it ring, it will not go off again on any other day other than the day for which it has been set.

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The Theory Behind iPhone Alarm Ringing Time

The Theory Behind iPhone Alarm Ringing Time

As we have mentioned above, the iPhone alarm will typically go off after 15 minutes, and the phone will show a reminder to the user until 90 minutes, when it will go off again. This ensures that the person using it wakes up after 90 minutes again. 

However, have you ever wondered why Apple has chosen 90 minutes for this time and not, let’s say, 10 minutes or 15 minutes? 

Well, one theory suggests that Apple has tried to keep the science behind a person’s sleep in mind before setting this feature. Usually, a person’s single sleep cycle lasts for about 75-90 minutes. Our sleep pattern is a continuous series of these sleep cycles. 

It may be the case that Apple wants to wake you up again after a complete sleep cycle, because numerous studies have suggested that if you wake up and then go back to sleep to wake up only after 10-15 minutes, then it disrupts your sleep cycle which then causes lethargy, memory loss and overall negative affects on your brain. 

Despite this, Apple has kept the snooze option for 15 minutes because some people mind finding it difficult to get up on the first go without a snooze. However, as we mentioned above, snoozing your alarm may not be an excellent option health-wise. 

This is because no matter how long you have slept, once you wake up to snooze the alarm and go back to sleep, you start a new sleep cycle that should last about 90 minutes. 

Breaking the cycle before this may lead to grumpiness and a feeling of being sleepy despite sleeping for a long time. 

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People Also Ask

People Also Ask

How Long Do iPhone Alarms Go For?

Iphone alarms typically go on ringing for about 15 minutes after which they are silenced by the phone itself for another 90 minutes. The alarm will ring again after 90 minutes and this cycle will be repeated until you turn the alarm off. 

Is There an Alarm Limit on iPhone?

No, there is no alarm limit on the iPhone. You can set as many alarms as you want and turn all of them on or off. You can set the alarms for every minute or hour of the day; all of them will go off at their respective scheduled time.

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Bringing the Article to a Close

We hope we could explain the mechanism behind the Apple iPhone alarm system clearly. Apple has tried to remember all the scenarios before creating this impressive alarm feature. 

If you put an alarm on your phone every day, then the Apple clocks are there to make sure you reach your destination on time, and if not, then maybe a little later but never too late!

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