Does iPhone Come with An IR Blaster: Use iPhone as Remote

Does iPhone Come with An IR Blaster

This write-up looks at Does iPhone Come with An IR Blaster. Use iPhone as Remote.

iPhones come with a lot of features. Sometimes people often wonder if does iPhone have an IR blaster as well.

No, any iPhone, latest or old, does not come with an IR blaster. Some Android devices may have this in their phone, but Apple has not included this feature yet in any of their models. 

An infrared Blaster, also known as IR Blaster, is a device that allows smartphone users to control various appliances by converting their phone into a universal remote. If you cannot manage multiple remotes for televisions, music systems, air conditioners, etc., the IR blaster makes it accessible all in one place. An User can use their smartphone instead of multiple remotes to control their appliances. 

However, if you want to convert your iPhone into an IR blaster-compatible phone, you can simply purchase a  universal adapter from Amazon and connect it to the phone.  This will convert your phone into a universal remote. 

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IR blaster in iPhone

IR blaster in iPhone

iPhone 7 and above have been continuously added with new features that revolutionize the field of smartphones. iPhone X is known to be the most popular smartphone of its time. Despite all this, Apple has refrained from adding an IR blaster inside it for some reason. 

Therefore, it is safe to say that the answer to whether does iPhone have an infrared sensor or blaster is no, it does not.

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What is the use of IR Blaster?

What is the use of IR Blaster

Earlier, our appliances used to be controlled by external buttons. This was true for air conditioners, TVs, etc. However, technology has evolved a lot, and appliances can be controlled easily with the help of a remote. If you want your phone to be a remote control for multiple appliances, you need to have an IR blaster. 

This feature is very useful. It was very important in allowing users to share files with older phones. It also allowed us to establish an internet connection between older-model phones and computers. However, now this has been replaced by Wifi and Bluetooth features. Therefore, most of the newer smartphones do not comprise this. 

If you desperately need a phone with an IR blaster, you can look for some older Samsung phones. It is located on the top of the phone and makes the smartphones work like a remote control easily. However, the IR blaster for iPhone is not available in the market now.

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How to check If your phone has IR Blaster

How to check If your phone has IR Blaster

If you do not have an iPhone and want to check whether your phone has an IR blaster, there are certain simple ways to do that. We have listed them here. 

  1. Check for the IR blaster physically – the IR blaster is very easy to locate. It is a small transparent round thing located on the phone’s top side, similar to a remote control.
  2. Check the manual – if you cannot find the blaster physically but are sure that it should be there, check the manual of the phone and see if there is any information regarding the issue. Usually, a manual will tell you the exact location and purpose of the IR blaster in the phone. 
  3. Contact customer service – you can also contact the manufacturer or customer service to know whether your phone comes with an IR blaster or not. 
  4. Visit the App store or google store – you can also visit the app store on iPhone or google store on android phones to download the IR test app. This app will let you know whether your phone has an IR blaster. All you have to do is open the app, and it will run a test to do the same. 

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Can IR Blaster be Installed

Can IR Blaster be Installed

No, an IR blaster cannot be installed since it is a hardware device that cannot be installed through software. It can only come through the company. However, you can purchase universal IR adapters available easily on online purchasing websites. These adapters will convert your phone into a universal remote. 

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Which iPhone has Infrared?

No iPhone has  IR blaster features in it. If you are thinking does iPhone XR have infrared or does iPhone 11 have infrared, then the answer to both questions is no. iPhone XR is a new model of the iPhone series and does not have an infrared sensor or an IR blaster. However, iPhone 13  and above have infrared sensors in them.

How to make your iPhone infrared?

You do not have to do anything to make your iPhone infrared because it is already equipped with an infrared sensor and can take photos of infrared easily. All you have to do is open the camera and have the ability to take the picture in RAW mode. 

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People also ask

People also ask

Now that we have explained everything about IR blasters in iPhone, here are some frequently asked questions and their responses. We hope that this will clear away all the doubts left. 

Does iPhone 12 have infrared?

Yes, just like iPhone 13, iPhone 12 also has infrared sensing ability and can see infrared lights which are invisible to the naked eye. The cameras are completely capable of sensing the infrared. 

Does iPhone 13 have infrared?

iPhone 13 has an infrared sensor, unlike the standard smartphone cameras. The true depth sensor of the iPhone 13 works flawlessly but is not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, you will not be able to see it. iPhone 13 can take infrared photos very easily. All you need is an infrared filter and the ability to shoot the picture with a long exposure. 

Does iPhone 14 have IR?

Yes, iPhone 14 has infrared sensors, but it does not have IR blasters. As we have explained above, IR blasters are not available in newer models, but infrared sensors are available, and they can detect infrared rays through their cameras.

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