How Accurate Is Location Sharing on iPhone: Can You Trust It?

How Accurate Is Location Sharing on iPhone

This write-up looks at How Accurate is Location Sharing on iPhone.

Whenever you share your location with someone close, have you ever wondered what the extent of the accuracy of location sharing on an iPhone is or how accurate is share my location? If you have, then you are at the right place.

The iPhone’s location-sharing accuracy depends on the GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular signals received at a point in time. Usually, the accuracy with a good network is up to 15 feet of the original position. However, it may change with connectivity factors and can go up to a city block of the original location.

Apple is known for its high-quality devices and operating system, which gives flawless experience to users. Each model of iPhone comes with a new and better technology that allows a unique user experience.

Not just the iPhones, other devices introduced by Apple, including laptops, iPad, and watches, all have the same level of technology that allows for hassle-free usage and excellent utility. Even though the devices are expensive, they are always worth the price.

The operating system and Apple devices also come with some other unique features, such as Find My iPhone and location sharing, which allows you to share your phone location with another individual. This will help them keep a track of you in case of emergencies.

In this article, we will be telling you how accurate is iPhone location to allow you to determine the extent of its accuracy and its usefulness. We will cover different factors involved in predicting the location and how they may vary depending on the factors.

So if you are considering buying an iPhone and want to know how accurate location sharing on iPhone is, then you have come to the right place!

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Location sharing on iPhone 

Location sharing on iPhone 

Location sharing on iPhone can be done through the “find my iPhone” feature. This feature comes in handy when you have lost your phone, or it is stolen, or you simply want to know someone’s location with their consent.

All you have to do is to allow the phone to share your location with the chosen contacts. This will enable those contacts to see your location on the map precisely. The maximum precision of this location is within 15 feet to 20 feet of the phone location. Therefore it is highly accurate.

However, the accuracy may vary depending on the model and the device signal. It may also depend on the type of transmitter the phone uses. Sometimes, the location may be less accurate when the internet connection is weak.

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Different Modes of Assessing the Location by iPhone

Different Modes of Assessing the Location by iPhone

Iphone uses different elements to determine your phone’s extract location. These elements will be discussed here in detail. The power of these elements will determine the accuracy of the location signals received and given by the phone.


An iPhone can easily detect the location of another iPhone using cellular towers. Cellular towers are towers that provide call and data services to phones.

A cellular tower is not used primarily for location detecting. However, the iPhone can use the location given by the cellular towers to know the location of another iPhone.

The iPhone sends a signal to the tower, which is then measured by the tower receiving it. Then, the distance between the tower and the iPhone sending the signal is measured to know the location.

Usually, the signal is sent to three towers, thus this process is known as signal triangulation. The distance of the phone is covered by producing an average of the three distances garnered by the three towers. The exact mid location is then granted to the user.


An iPhone can also use Wi-Fi to get the location through mapping. Wi-Fi mapping is similar to the cellular triangulation explained above. However, this method is considered more accurate than the cellular one.

When you have different Wi-Fi networks around the phone, a more precise location could be gathered since more Wi-Fi networks will gather the signal and create a measurement.

Sometimes, Wi-Fi also uses GPS along with its own method to track the location. This is known as GPS-assisted location tracking. This also explains why you need to turn your Wi-Fi on every time you use the GPS on your phone.

Wi-Fi-assisted location tracking is a good method to track iPhone location however, it is not the best. The best iPhone location accuracy is given by the GPS method only.


The most common and prominent method to track the location of any device is the GPS. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a satellite created by the U.S. government which allows private and government institutions to track the location of all the devices with inbuilt GPS.

The GPS provides navigation and positioning services to the users. The iPhone uses this GPS service to track the location of your phone. Most maps, including Apple Maps also use this service to provide you with better and more efficient routes.

GPS locations may alter depending on various factors. For example, bad weather, a lot of trees, etc, may change the location of the GPS to a few feet. Usually, the GPS predicts the location of the phone within 15 to 20 feet of the exact location, which is one of the best solutions presently.

GPS is run by satellites roaming in space. The system’s accuracy and other features provided by it depend on this factor. The location and accuracy may change depending on the location of the satellite. However, this accuracy may diminish.

When the GPS alone is not able to function properly, it takes the help of Wi-Fi or cellular towers to provide a more robust and accurate location of the phone. This allows all three methods to function together and give the users the best user experience in terms of navigation.

When the GPS service weakens, the phone will automatically look for alternatives such as cellular towers or the Wi-Fi network to give a more precise location.

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People Also Ask

People Also Ask

How accurate is the iMessage location? 

Imesssage location is given by Apple Maps, provided by the phone’s inbuilt GPS system. Therefore the accuracy of the iMessage location is the same as the phone’s location-sharing feature. Usually, the location will be within 15-20 feet of the original location depending upon the type of terrain and other factors such as weather, internet etc.

How accurate is iPhone location sharing? 

In simple terms, iPhone location sharing is very accurate and highly reliable. The phone usually gives a location within 15-20 feet of the original location, which is better than other devices.

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