How to Repair Hairline Crack in iPad Screen: Crack No More

How to Repair Hairline Crack in iPad Screen

This write-up looks at How to Repair Hairline Crack in iPad Screen.

Have you accidentally dropped your iPad and now can see a slight crack on the screen? Do you want to know how to repair hairline crack in iPad screen?

Do not worry. iPad cracks can be repaired if you know how to apply the right trick at the right time. You can get the screen repaired through a warranty or third-party centers. All this depends on the type of crack and some other factors which we will be discussing here. Stay tuned!

Apple is known to make some of the best devices in the industry, especially in terms of durability, strength, and sturdiness. However, an Apple device like an iPad may sometimes fall from your hand with such force that it directly interacts with the floor through its delicate parts, such as its screen.

No matter how sturdy the product is, some parts are also delicate. This includes the screen, the camera, etc. If your device falls and gets in direct contact with these parts, you might see some visible damage, like a small crack on the iPad screen.

In this article, we are going to tell you whether it is feasible to repair the broken screen at home or whether you should take it to the center and get it repaired there. Before taking the decision, there are certain factors to be kept in mind, which we will be discussing here as well.

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What to Do If Your iPad Screen Is Cracked

What to Do If Your iPad Screen Is Cracked

There are certain things you should know before deciding to fix the screen.

Do you have an Apple Warranty

If your iPad is within the warranty period, you can easily take it to the centre and get it repaired there. They will not do it for free, but the cost will be minimal and may not seem too much for everyone. If the iPad or phone is not under warranty, it may lead to greater costs.

Moreover, if it is just a single hairline crack, then it comes under a standard warranty, and the screen will be repaired free of cost. Therefore, it is advisable to know whether the warranty protects you or not. This stands true for all Apple devices, including Macs, phones, and iPad.

What is the working condition of the device

The next course of action depends on the type of crack you are witnessing. If it is a single hairline crack, it will be fixed easily with minimum cost or no cost. Similarly, a hairline crack in phone is also not a big deal and can be replaced easily.

If the broken screen does not totally impair your iPad or phone, do not worry! The issue will be resolved easily without much cost. All you have to do is find the right type of repair that needs to be done.

Look for Alternatives 

Depending on the state you live in, there will be more options than just Apple centres where you could replace your screen. Although Apple does not verify these centres, they provide a cheap alternative to the real ones.

If you have a hairline crack in your phone screen but don’t want to spend too much repairing it because it is working fine, then you can replace the screen through these mediums. However, there is no guarantee of any quality in this alternative, and there might also be a slight downgrade in your experience of using the phone.

Decide not to do anything! 

If there is a single hairline crack in the glass, you can ignore it if it is not causing too much trouble to you. These cracks are usually harmless and do not do any real damage to the device. You can continue using the device even after it is cracked.

If you are low on cash and do not want a third-party repair,l then you can wait and save some money to get it repaired. Meanwhile, you can continue to use the device easily without any issues.

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How to Protect your iPad Screen

How to Protect your iPad Screen

We know that talking about protecting the screen is futile at this point, but nevertheless, it is important to know a few points so that you can take better care in the future. Here are some things you can consider –

Always have warranty

If you own an Apple device, it is advisable to have Apple care plus, which covers much damage to the phone at minimal costs. It is a good investment and can be bought when purchasing the device.

You may ask does Apple care cover hairline cracks? The answer is Yes and No. It does not cover screen damage directly, but the repair cost decreases substantially if you have Apple care. Moreover, a single hairline crack with no impact and screen damage is covered under warranty.

Use protective cases

Not just the screen guards, protective cases play a huge role in ensuring that the device goes through minimal damage while falling on the floor. Therefore, always buy protective cases for your iPhones and iPads.

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People Also Ask

People Also Ask

Does Apple’s standard warranty cover hairline cracks?

This depends on the type of crack you may have. It is covered under the Apple Standard warranty if it is a single crack with no point of impact and no visible damage on the screen.

How to fix cracks in iPad screen?

You can get it repaired at the center or a third-party store. Do not try to use home mad DIY methods such as toothpaste, as it may further aggravate the damage. Make sure you either learn how to live with it or get it repaired with the help of some professionals.

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Bringing the Article to a Close

We hope that we were able to enlighten you on your conundrum. Take care of your iPad, and make sure that you get it repaired through the right channels instead of trying out homemade methods. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

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