What Does Emphasize Mean on iPhone (Mystery Revealed)

What Does Emphasize Mean on iPhone

This write-up looks at What Does Emphasize Mean on iPhone.

Do you sometimes wonder why a certain text or a picture is emphasized by the sender? Or perhaps you would want to emphasize the text or photo yourself but don’t know what it means?

Emphasize in iPhone means that you are conveying an expression to the receiver through the use of the special tap back feature given in Apple iPhone. This relays your approval/disapproval of the text or the photo which has been emphasized. 

In this article, we will discuss in detail the emphasized meaning of the iPhone and how it works. We are going to be covering the steps to emphasize a message and to delete the emphasized reaction. We will also answer some frequently asked questions to clear any doubts.

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What is emphasized meaning on iPhone

What is emphasized meaning on iPhone

iPhone is known for bringing quirky features into its products to keep them interesting for users. To do this, they have introduced a unique tapback feature on iMessage where the users can emphasize the texts or the photos they send or receive from different people. 

When you see an iMessage emphasized, it means that there is a double exclamation mark or the “!!” emoji on the text itself. This is a way of conveying an expression as a reply to the texts. When the text is emphasized, it usually means that either the receiver wants to highlight that text or it wants to show that they do not want to respond. 

A user can convey many different expressions through the tapback feature, which allows for reactions to the text. There are options for emphasized emojis as well. Different emphasized emoji on iPhone means different things.

For example, specific meanings are given here 

Thumbs up – Agreeing with the text

Thumbs Down – disagreeing with the text

“!!” or double exclamation mark means that the text has been emphasized. 

If you are a member of a large group chat, then the emphasized emoji von iPhone is a feature that you might find very helpful. You might express your approval/disapproval of a text based on the type of reaction you give to it.

Apple calls these reactions tapbacks. The user can send the response through a sticker or a symbol. There are various uses for the same. Some of them are discussed here – 

To show agreement 

You can indicate to the receiver that you agree to their proposal, or the sender can see that the receiver has agreed to their proposal through the emphasized message option.  

To show excitement 

You can also show the receiver that you are excited about a text. This may be because they made a great plan or they have given great news to you. You can express this excitement using the emphasized message option by using the two exclamation marks shown above. 

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How to see the person who has Emphasized on iPhone 

If you want to see who has emphasized the message, especially when you are in a big group chat, there is a simple way to do so. 

  • Find the message you want to search for. 
  • Press the message and hold it. It will show who has emphasized the message.

People also ask

People also ask

What does it mean when someone emphasizes a text on iPhone?

This means that the person who has done so wants to convey their expressions in the text. They either want to agree, disagree or question the text. This is generally used in group chats to convey expressions simultaneously without spamming the group. 

What does it mean when text is emphasized?

This means that the person who has emphasized the text wants to bring your attention to the particular text and wants to show their emotions. It can be due to a variety of reasons. 

Bringing the article to a close

Apple has introduced a new tapback feature to allow users to convey their emotions and expressions over texts. It is a unique feature that is very useful in group texts.

If you want to learn how to emphasize a text on iPhone, you can refer to this article and learn how to do it easily. We hope this helped!

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