Is it Safe to Use the iPhone in Sauna (With Real Life Experience)

Is it Safe to Use the iPhone in Sauna

This write-up examines Is it Safe to Use the iPhone in Sauna, With Real Life Experience.

Being a sauna lover is not a big deal. It has enormous health benefits and completely relaxes our body after a hectic day. They detoxify, relax and rejuvenate the body. If you have an iPhone, you must be thinking can iPhone go in sauna?

Ideally, iPhone should not be taken in a sauna because it heats up the phone quickly and exceeds the maximum resistant temperature the body of the phone can handle. This may lead to permanent damage to the phone. 

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Can you bring your phone in a sauna

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No, you must not take your phone in a sauna. If you think bringing your phone to the sauna is bad, then the answer is yes. We have several reasons for the same. Apart from the damage it may cause to the phone, which will be explained later, there are other social and personal reasons for not taking your phone to the sauna.

Saunas are a great place to relax, meditate, and calm down the mind and the body. In this busy world

Where we are constantly stretched and exhausted, having a sauna once in a while is a good way to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Owing to this, it is suggested that before entering the sauna, you should keep the mobile phone in the locker. It will help you detox from external as well as some technological exhaustion also. 

Additionally, taking an iPhone where people are bathing and relaxing is not proper etiquette to follow. Some saunas have strict rules of not allowing iPhones or any other phones inside the premises. Therefore, it is suggested that the iPhone be kept somewhere safe before entering the process. 

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Can I take my iPhone 13 in the sauna

Can I take my iPhone 13 in the sauna

All iPhone models are upgraded from their previous ones, and some additional features are added, which make them unique. Most of the iPhones above the iPhone 5 are water resistant and have durability. However, this does not mean that they can be taken in a sauna.

New iPhone models, such as iPhone 12 and above, have IP68, which shows that they have higher resistance to being submerged in water. This does not mean that nothing bad will happen to your phone in a sauna. 

Most of the phones, including an iPhone 13 or iPhone 11 in the sauna, will stop working after a certain point of time due to extreme temperatures. It is not the water-resistant quality of an iPhone that is put to the test here, but rather the heat resistance, which cannot exceed a certain point.

Therefore, you should never take your iPhone 13 in the sauna. If it is urgent, step out of the sauna and use your phone, but do not try to use it inside or take it inside as it may cause permanent damage.

If you have taken your iPhone in a sauna and it shows the warning for high temperature, then immediately take it to a cool place and allow it to cool down before starting it again.

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How to prevent overheating in a sauna 

How to prevent overheating in a sauna 

Despite the fact that an iPhone or any other phone should not be taken to a sauna, we will still highlight some essential factors to be considered in case someone wants to take their phones inside. 

  1. Make sure you have a protective waterproofing case before entering the sauna. This will protect the phone from extra damage. 
  2. Make the time duration spent in the sauna as short as possible. It will lead to lesser heat exhaustion. 
  3. Wrap the phone into a towel. This will protect any humidity from entering the body and keep it heat resistant. 
  4. Once the towel is removed, make sure you wipe any moisture that is left on the phone with a dry towel or cloth. 
  5. Once the phone is out of the sauna, allow it to cool before using it again. 

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Can you use an Android phone in a sauna

Can you use an Android phone in a sauna

Just like iPhones, many android phones also have good IP ratings, but this does not mean that they are heat resistant. If you use the phone underwater or in a splash, it may not have any damage, but that does not mean that it will be resistant to high temperatures as well.

Once the android phone is overheated, it will turn itself off and cool itself down. If this happens, make sure you take the phone to a cooler place and let it cool down before reentering.

Can I take my iPhone 12 in the sauna

Can I take my iPhone 12 in the sauna

iPhone 12 is water resistant. It has a durable and resistant body that can withstand submerging into the water for a long period of time. However, this does not mean that the phone is also heat resistant. Heat resistance is very different from water resistance. 

The steam and humidity inside the sauna can lead to increased temperature of the phone and let the humidity slide into the phone. This will lead to damage in the open points. Once these points are damaged with humidity, your warranty may become null and void as well.

Even if the phone does not show immediate signs of damage, it can show signs later. If you take it to the store, they will not cover this damage in the warranty. Therefore, think twice before taking your iPhone 12 to sauna.

People also ask

People also ask

Now that we have explained that you should not take your iPhone in a sauna, there are some frequently asked questions that will clear away any leftover doubts on the topic. 

Can I bring my phone into a steam room

Ideally, you should not take your iPhone in a sauna or a steam room. Having a water-resistant phone or waterproof phone is a different trait than heat resistance.

Extreme heat temperatures may destroy your phone and damage it permanently. Therefore, it is advisable not to take the phone into the steam room. 

Is it safe to bring iPhone in sauna?

No, bringing your iPhone into a sauna is not a safe thing to do for the phone. The humidity from the steam may seep into the phone, or the heat may damage the phone permanently.

It can cause the internal components to expand or contract, leading to permanent damage. It is better to keep the phone outside before you enter a steam room or a sauna. 

Bringing the article to a close

We advise you to not take your iPhone into a sauna as it may lead to permanent damage. It is better to keep it outside or wrap it up with a waterproof case or towel before entering. Iphone damage is a costly affair. Therefore, you should always proceed with caution in such circumstances. 

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