Apple Watch Microphone Not Working: Fix in Seconds 2024

Apple Watch Microphone Not Working

This write-up looks at Apple Watch Microphone Not Working, Fix in Seconds.

Are you unable to use your Apple Watch due to Apple watch microphone not working?

Microphone issues in an Apple watch may happen for various reasons. A software update may be required, or there may be a problem with the hardware of the mic itself. Or maybe, there can be dirt accumulated inside the mic, preventing it from functioning well.

In these situations, people often wonder why is my phone mic not working or why is their watch mic not working. 

Whatever the reason is, the problem is solvable and can be easily resolved with proper care and actions taken on time. In this article, we will talk about different reasons that may lead to the mic on the Apple watch microphone not working.

Not just the reasons we are also going to suggest some steps that can be taken to resolve the issue at hand and ensure that the mic is working again. 

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Apple watch mic problems 

Apple watch mic problems 

The Apple Watch introduced by Apple is one of the finest smartwatches in the market, with many health, fitness, social media, and calling features. It allows the users to remain free of their phones and yet stay connected to the world through the watch.

The watch has many features that allow users to enjoy a hassle-free life, such as replying to text messages, picking up calls, checking emails, tracking their fitness levels, etc. 

Most of the features that we have mentioned above require the microphone of the watch to function properly. Usually, even text replies are made through a microphone because it becomes difficult to type on the small screen.

However, if the microphone of the watch is not functioning, the essential features of the watch face issues in hassle-free working, thus leading to a bad experience for the user. 

Sometimes, people who are using Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra series complain of microphone issues. The reason for the same is unknown. However, there is a recurring notification of “Measurement suspended” on the Noise Application, which usually entails that there is some microphone error in the watch.

Not every user is aware of this issue or faces it. Sometimes, this error only occurs in the Noise Application and does not affect other applications as such.

This small issue can be easily resolved by restraining the watch. Usually, people who have experienced the same resolve it by restraining the watch after switching it off and waiting for a few seconds. 

Owing to its recurring nature, the issue may pop up again. Therefore, it is imperative to know some practical steps to allow users to resolve the issues permanently.

Before this, we must also look at the reasons behind these issues. Each solution will depend upon the type of problem which needs to be solved. Therefore, we will first deal with the reasons, and the solutions will be followed thereon. 

Communication issue between Apple Watch and iPhone 

Sometimes the issue can be very simple. If you are receiving a call from the watch and thinking that why callers can’t hear me on Apple Watch, then the issue can be really simple. The Bluetooth might not be connected.

Sometimes, if you have just landed from a flight, you might have forgotten to turn off the flight mode on your watch. Sometimes it may also be the case that the phone is far away from the watch. 

There are dirt particles in the microphone of the watch

Sometimes due to bad weather conditions or exposure to dirt, the watch microphone can accumulate dirt particles inside it. This may lead to malfunctioning.

The user would not be able to clearly communicate to the watch the instructions as the dirt will be preventing the voice from reaching the microphone. This is a very common problem and can be resolved very easily. 

The Watch is not up to date

If your watch has not been updated to the latest iOS version, it may very well be the reason why the microphone is not working. There are some bugs in some updates, which are readily resolved by Apple by introducing new updates. If your watch has one of these bugs that is creating the malfunction, you must look for new updates regularly. 

Configuration problem 

Sometimes, users hastily deny access to the applications for various hardware, creating future issues. When a new application is installed or used in the watch, it requests permission to access our camera, microphone, contacts, etc.

Some users deny all permissions simultaneously, leading to the blocking of microphone usage by the application. This may create the error of the microphone not working through the application. 

How to fix the mic on Apple watch not working

How to fix the mic on Apple watch not working

If you are experiencing any issues with the microphone you must be thinking of solutions to the same. Do not worry; we are here with the solutions as well that work for most people. 

Check for software updates

If you have some malfunctioning microphone issues that are not due to outside phenomena, you might check for a software update. If there is an update available, quickly install it on the watch and the phone as well. These updates readily come with bug-resolving issues and often allow us to get the issue resolved without any outside help. 

Some software bugs do not appear apparent at the time of testing. Therefore, Apple has to wait for user experience to know about it. Once it comes to their knowledge, they readily update the software and allow for a hassle-free user experience again. 

There are numerous guides available on the internet that teaches a user to update their Apple watch. If you face difficulties doing the same, you can refer to these websites for assistance. 

Restart your iPhone and Watch

If your microphone is not working properly, sometimes the best way to solve the problem is the golden method of restraining the phone. This process basically clears up the watch’s RAM and cache memory, allowing more space for the applications to work smoothly. Sometimes, when too much RAM storage is collected on the watch, it may cause issues with the functioning. 

Thus, restraining your watch may sound like a very simple solution, but sometimes it can do wonders. Along with this, you can also restart your phone to clear away any unwanted cache there as well. If both the gadgets are cleared, and the microphone is not working, then it may be time to move to harsher solutions at hand. 

Factory reset the Apple Watch 

Restraining the watch may not work to fix watch problems that are associated with some malfunctioning software. Thus, it may be prudent to factory reset the Apple watch. However, do not do this if you do not have any iCloud backup because you will lose all your applications and data on the watch. 

If factory reset seems like the best option at the place, make sure you have all your data backed up. This will prevent any unwanted deletion of important files. 

Factory resetting the watch is very easy. You can go to the settings and reset it or do it from the Watch application on the iPhone as well. This will clear away any errors that may be causing the microphone to malfunction. 

Unclog the watch microphone 

As we have mentioned above, if the problem is related to dirt being accumulated in the microphone, then the issue will not be resolved through factory resetting. In such cases, you can use dampened cotton to clean the microphone. 

  • Firstly, dampen the cotton with some isopropyl alcohol.  Make sure that only this isopropyl alcohol is used because it is known not to harm electronics, unlike water. 
  • The next step is to press the microphone area or the hole on the watch’s side.
  • Use the dampened cotton to clean that area and remove all the dirt particles. 

This will mostly clear all the dirt accumulated on the microphone, and if this is the reason the microphone is not working, then it will resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. 

People also ask

People also ask

Now that most of the issue is covered, we will answer some frequently asked questions. 

Why can no one hear me on my apple watch?

This may be due to a variety of reasons. We have discussed most of them here, including dirt particles being accumulated inside the mic or some bugs in the software. There are plenty of solutions to the problem that can be easily resolved. 

How do I turn on the microphone on Apple watch?

Microphones for different applications can be turned on by going to Settings and then selecting the desired application. Mostly, it will have the option to enable the microphone if it has some use for it. You can turn this on and use it effortlessly.

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