How to Remove Scratches on Apple Watch Screen: Instant Fix

How to Remove Scratches on Apple Watch Screen Instant Fix

This write-up looks at How to Remove Scratches on Apple Watch Screen.

Have you recently noticed a scratch on your Apple watch screen and don’t know how to remove it? 

Don’t worry; there are many ways through which you can remove scratches from Apple watch screen. Some of the most common Apple watch scratch removal methods include DIY methods or third-party protections. You can also get it replaced from the Apple store if the scratches are too much to be cured at home.

Apple watches are one of the best smartwatches on the market. They are expensive, but they live up to their worth by providing unique features to the users, including health and fitness features, calling options, wellness trackers, and so much more. They allow users to control their phones without being near them. 

However, there may be instances when during the usage of the watch, the screen gets scratched or damaged. It is very common since it is exposed all the time to the outside world, and people often do not get a cover guard for their watch screens like the ones bought for phones.

Some people might try to replace the screens manually, but it is a very technical process. It should not be done without professional help. Alternatively, you can try some home-based solutions to remove Apple watch screen scratch.

If you have also noticed a scratch on Apple watch face,  do not worry, we are here for you.

In this article, we will tell you about different ways to remove scratch from Apple watch screen. This includes some easy Do-It-Yourself methods as well as some professional assistance as well. We will also highlight some important steps to be taken to protect the screen from further damage.

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What Leads to Apple watch Screen Scratches

What Leads to Apple watch Screen Scratches

The answer to this question is not very objective. There can be different reasons why the Apple Watch screen gets scratched. All the watches and their screens are exposed to the environment for all the time they are worn. This makes them more vulnerable and prone to scratching than a phone screen.

Moreover, it is worn on the wrist, and sometimes people open doors, lift heavy material, or simply take up tasks that lead to the watch screen getting scratched. 

Sometimes a scratch can also be caused when the watch falls to the ground. Daily household chores like cleaning the dishes, doing laundry, etc, can also lead to unwanted scratches and damage to the screen. 

If you are someone who wears the watch most of the time, then you should know some quick and easy ways to get rid of scratches on the Apple watch.

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Ways to do Apple watch Screen Scratch Repair 

Ways to do Apple watch Screen Scratch Repair 

Two types of methods can be used to repair an Apple watch screen. One is purely home-based methods that are a quick fix to the problem.

The other is the professional assistance required from third parties and the Apple store itself. The solution you choose will depend upon the damage’s severity and the skill level to rectify the issues. 

DIY Home Methods

Replacing the screen of the watch might sound like an expensive affair which is why sometimes it is better to use some home methods first. Here are a few of them that any user can try out at home. 

  1. A clear nail paint kit

This involves three main elements: clear nail polish, a microfibre cloth, and a nail polish remover. 

  • First, apply a thin coat of nail paint over the scratch and let it dry for 1 hour. 
  • Secondly, pour some drops of remover on the cloth and wipe the excess nail paint from the surface. 
  • Repeat the process until the scratches disappear.

Make sure that you do not remove excess paint from the scratches themselves. Therefore do not exert extra pressure while removing excess paint. 

Apple Watch Scratch Repair Kit

You can buy a scratch remover kit from the market or online. It is cheap and handy for people who often get scratches on their screens. These kits usually contain a cleaning cloth,  a pink and white paper strip, an applying stick, and finishing syringes. 

To use this kit, follow the steps below. 

  • Clean the watch’s surface with the cloth and put on the white strips over the applying stick. 
  • Hold the strips on the stick with the applying rubber band given. 
  • Take the repairing product from the syringe and pour it over the surface through the applying stick for almost 3 minutes. 
  • Repeat this at least four to five times. 
  • Wipe any excess product from the screen using a microfibre cloth and put the pink strip over the applying stick. 
  • Hold the pink strip with the stick with a rubber band. 
  • Lastly, pour some finishing product through the syringe and clean the excess with the cloth. 

If you still have some doubts regarding the process, you can refer to the instruction manual that comes with the Apple watch scratch remover kit.

Protecting the Screen from Scratches

Now that we have answered the question, can you clearly remove scratches from Apple watch? The next step is to demonstrate the importance of protecting the screen from any damage.

Even if you know thoroughly how to get rid of scratches on the glass, it is still important to protect the screen from a professional third party.

For this, you need to use a screen protector or a screen glass that covers the whole screen and protects it from wear and tear, damage, and scratches. Here are some of the most common reasons you should use a screen protector. 

  1. Protects against scratches
  2. Protects against wear and tear 
  3. Apple’s warranty does not cover screen scratches. Therefore, any damage will not be insured and will prove costly in the future. 
  4. Having a screen protector ensures that the quality of the screen remains intact throughout the usage time. It does not visibly degrade the screen and protects it from all harm.

If a screen protector is applied, you do not have to worry about Apple watch 7 screen scratch repair, which is otherwise a very expensive affair. Therefore, if you buy the latest Apple watch, make sure you use the protector.

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People Also Ask

People also ask

Now that we have explained all things about Apple watch fix scratch, let us move to the frequently asked questions.

Can a scratched Apple watch screen be fixed?

Yes. There are different ways of doing so. You can either use homemade remedies like nail polish or the scratch remover kit, or you can visit the store and get the screen replaced. However, do not try to replace the screen yourself, as it requires professional skills, and you may end up damaging the product as a result. 

Can Apple remove scratches from Apple watches?

Technically, you can either change the screen or remove the scratches from third parties. Apple does not just remove scratches. It changes the whole screen, which is an expensive process. 

How can I remove scratches from my watch screen?

You can either use nail paint, remover, and microfibre method or buy a scratch remover kit from the market to remove scratches from the screen. You can also visit the Apple store and get the screen replaced.

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