Doing Business in Guangzhou China – Things You Should Know

Doing Business in Guangzhou China - Things You Should Know

Guangzhou is China’s third largest city; it sits in Guangdong province and is only a two hour train journey from Hong Kong. It’s also less than an hour away from Shenzhen and thus offers convenient access to most of the manufacturing heart of the mainland. It is officially a “mega city” with a population in excess of 10 million people, making it more populous than quite a few countries and it can take a while to get used to the size and sprawl of the city.

Guangzhou is extremely popular for foreign companies looking to get a hold in South China, it’s location is extremely useful as a transport hub and it can be more cost effective than opening a base in nearby Shenzhen which is closer to Hong Kong and thus is more expensive for property as it serves as an overflow to the island’s Special Economic Zone status.

Setting up a business in Guangzhou can be a difficult task if you are a foreign citizen who does not know the language. You are lucky because you are not the only person with this type of problem you are facing and other companies that want to work in China or in the Guangzhou city have the same problem. Language barrier problem is solvable with help of Guangzhou interpreter.

Doing Business in Guangzhou China - Things You Should Know

Interpreting is basically connecting two people who do not speak a common language, through an interpreter, so they are able to better communicate. A interpreting service provides three-way communication through an interpreter who understands and speaks both languages. This type of requirement may arise in several situations, both commercial and non-commercial.

With business going global in most of the countries, the clients and customers are not restricted to the host country. Similarly, unlike earlier times it has become important for countries to maintain good diplomatic relations, whether they share boundary with a country or not. Business owners, both large and small, may need to speak with their clients or customers from other countries, thus requiring a interpreting service.

Verbal communication has an advantage over written communication, where speaking to someone is more personalized compared to writing.This provides a personal touch to your business, making it very important for you to consider how your clients perceive a particular form of communication. This is very true in case some problem arises.

Guangzhou is an excellent location for doing business in Southern China, but it can be a hard in some situations therefore, of great importance to find Guangzhou interpreter.

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