How To Get Free Government iPhone 8 and 8 Plus: July 2024

How To Get Free Government iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

This write-up looks at How To Get Free Government iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

I recently acquired a fresh (or, instead, new to me) iPhone 8. And brace yourself; it didn’t cost me a dime. Yes, you heard correctly the government is distributing iPhones free of charge nowadays.

While it may not be the most current version, let’s not forget that free is free! Stay with me, and I’ll walk you through the entire procedure of obtaining a complimentary iPhone 8 & 8 Plus from the government.

Step-by-Step Guide: Applying for a free iPhone 8 From the Government

Step-by-Step Guide of Applying for a free iPhone 8 From the Government

You can obtain a free government phone through several avenues, specifically the iPhone 8 Plus.

However, before applying for any methods to acquire a free iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 6, and iPhone SE from the government, you must familiarize yourself with the various programs available.

To do so, you can:

  • Consult your local municipal administration about phone assistance programs for low-income individuals.
  • Explore websites that provide options for obtaining a free or discounted government iPhone 8 Plus.
  • Seek guidance from a friend or family member who qualifies for the low-income program and learn how they received their free iPhone 8 Plus from the government.

How Can I Get a Free iPhone 8 From the Government?

How Can I Get a Free iPhone 8 From the Government

Low-income individuals and families can acquire an iPhone 8 Plus at no cost through the Lifeline Assistance program, with no monthly charges or contract obligations. If you want a free iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone XR from the government, use the National Verifier to determine your eligibility for the EBB Program.

Following this, you need to identify your state’s Lifeline service providers, gather their contact information, and inquire about the availability of free iPhones like iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 under the EBB program. Further information is provided below.

Steps to Apply for the Free Government-Provided iPhone 8 Plus

Initially, locate a service provider in your state that offers an iPhone 8 Plus at no cost as part of the Lifeline program.

  • Visit their official website to confirm your eligibility.
  • If the provider determines you meet the requirements, you can apply for the complimentary iPhone 8 Plus.
  • Complete all sections of the form and attach all necessary documents.
  • After submitting your application, await their reply. You’ll receive a free iPhone and associated telecom service if your application is approved.

Shipping for the government-provided iPhone 8 Plus is complimentary, and you can anticipate the phone’s arrival within 7-10 business days.

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Top 4 Government Programs Offering Free iPhone 8

Top 4 Government Programs Offering Free iPhone 8

Here are the top four government programs providing free iPhone 8:

Lifeline Assistance

Lifeline Assistance, a program by the Federal Communications Commission established in 1985, ensures all Americans have iPhone 5 and equal access to telephone services.

Primarily targeting low-income residents who can’t afford a cell phone or plan, this program offers eligible users wireless or internet services for $9.25 monthly.

National Lifeline Association

The National Lifeline Association is a non-profit body that offers financial support to low-income households to cover their phone service expenses. Additionally, the association features a free iPhone 8 government phone program coupled with free programs for iPhone XS and iPhone 12.

Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is the FCC’s successor to the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program. It acts as the phone and home internet counterpart of the Lifeline Assistance Program for mobile phones. ACP assists qualifying low-income households with their internet and phone bills.

Connect America Fund

The Connect America Fund is a governmental initiative offering subsidies to phone companies rendering services in rural regions. The program aims to provide free iPhones for students and make phone services more affordable for low-income households.

However, if you prefer a phone compatible with 5G networks, these programs may not be suitable.

Qualification Guidelines for Free Government iPhone 8 Plus

Qualification Guidelines for Free Government iPhone 8 Plus

The government cannot provide everyone with a free iPhone, and acceptance into government assistance programs requires meeting specific eligibility criteria. It’s essential to have the necessary documents to prove your low-income status. Here are the eligibility conditions for the EBB and Lifeline programs:

  • Your family’s monthly income must be below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • Even if a person works more than 40 hours per week and their income still falls under the Federal Poverty Guidelines, they qualify for the program.
  • Any assistance from Lifeline must be used within your household and not shared with others if you or a family member receives a Federal Pell Grant and is utilizing its benefits.
  • Those who qualify for government assistance programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid, or Section 8 housing are eligible for a free iPhone 8 Plus.
  • If you or a family member has recently experienced a significant decrease in income or job loss, you may qualify for the program.
  • If you’ve recently become unemployed, you can join the program.
  • Acceptance is also granted if you or someone in your household benefits from the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, Calfresh, Food Stamps, SNAP, Tribal Head Start, the Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit Program, the Supplemental Security Income program, Medicaid, the Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance program, the Federal Public Housing Assistance program, or Tribal Head Start.

Necessary Paperwork

[su_table responsive=”yes”]

Qualification Requirement
Documents Required
Identification Verification
State ID, Passport, Driver’s License, U.S. Military I.D., or any other government-issued I.D.
Income Proof
Federal or Tribal Tax Returns, Current Income Statement, Paystub, Social Security Benefits Statement
Participation in Qualifying Assistance Program
Approval Letter, Statement of Benefits, Benefit Award Letter
Proof of Financial Hardship
Bankruptcy Filing, Benefit Statement, Approval Letter, Letter from Employer, Layoff Notice, Unemployment Insurance Denial


Remember, if you qualify, the government will provide you with a free iPhone 8 Plus, but you need to substantiate your eligibility with the mentioned documents.

Companies That Providing Free iPhone 8 Plus

Companies That Providing Free iPhone 8 Plus

Numerous businesses provide complimentary iPhone 8 Plus, although the eligibility criteria may vary across these firms. Look at the roster of these companies and adhere to the instructions to obtain an iPhone 8 Plus at no cost.

AT&T’s Free iPhone 8 Plus Offer

AT&T presents an opportunity to acquire a free iPhone 8 Plus with a wireless plan that fulfills the necessary criteria. The promotional offer encompasses all storage options – 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB, and is open to both new subscribers and existing clientele.

Eligibility is contingent upon adding a line to your account and opting for postpaid unlimited wireless service.

Be prepared to cover upfront taxes on the phone’s full retail price. If you’re in the market for a new, feature-packed phone, this AT&T complimentary iPhone 8 Plus could be an excellent fit. It’s a potent device that can be yours for no cost if you have a compatible wireless plan.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to secure your AT&T free iPhone 8 Plus:

  • Visit an AT&T outlet or their official website.
  • Decide on your preferred iPhone 8 Plus model.
  • Pick a compatible wireless plan.
  • Add a new line to your existing account.
  • Pay the upfront taxes based on the phone’s total retail value.
  • Activate your new phone.

AT&T Buy One Get One Free iPhone 8 Plus

AT&T is no longer offering a buy one get one free iPhone 8 Plus deal. They used to provide this offer previously. On the other hand, they give some other deals on iPhones, including discounts for new customers and trade-in offers. On their website, you can learn more about AT&T’s iPhone deals. Some current iPhone deals from AT&T are as follows:

  • When you trade in an eligible device and activate a new line of service, you can save up to $700.
  • Get $100 off when you start another service line and register for a qualified unlimited plan.
  • Get a free iPhone 13 when you switch to AT&T and exchange a capable device.
  • Visit AT&T’s website or contact customer service for more information about their iPhone deals.

Free iPhone 8 Plus from Amazon

Amazon does not offer a free iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone 8 Plus comes at a significant cost, so Amazon does not grant such free-of-charge propositions. If you want a complimentary phone, exploring less pricey models or considering refurbished options might be more practical. However, several ways exist to avail discounts on the iPhone 8 Plus through Amazon.

Consider subscribing to Amazon Prime, which bestows free two-day shipping on eligible items, including the iPhone 8 Plus.

Purchasing this smartphone with discounts or coupons is also possible. The iPhone 8 Plus often appears in sale events, and third-party retailers frequently roll out deals and vouchers. For those desiring a free or marked-down iPhone 8 Plus, it is advisable to do internet-based research to identify the most attractive bargains.

Additionally, you can check with your telecom provider to find out if they offer any markdowns on the iPhone 8 Plus.

T-Mobile Buy One Get One Free iPhone 8 Plus

T-Mobile free iPhones promotions are very popular, especially the own with iPhone 8 Plus – a buy one, get one free deal. This offer is open to new and existing customers who add a new service line under T-Mobile’s Magenta Max plan. iPhone 8 Plus models of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB are included in this promotion.

The payment for the iPhone 8 Plus will be divided over 24 months, and after these monthly bill credits, your iPhone 8 Plus will essentially be free. However, if you terminate your service before the 24-month period concludes, you’ll have to settle the remaining balance on the phone.

Under this deal, while the total price of the iPhone 8 Plus is $700, you’ll only be required to pay $350. The additional iPhone 8 Plus won’t incur any costs. However, remember that this offer is time-limited and subject to changes. To avail of this deal, you can visit a T-Mobile store or dial 1-800-T-MOBILE.

T-Mobile Free iPhone 8 Plus

The steps to get a free iPhone 8 Plus from T-Mobile are as follows:

  • Go to the T-Mobile website.
  • Select the tab labelled “Shop Phones.”
  • Scroll down to the “Free Phones” segment.
  • Choose an iPhone 8 Plus.
  • Click the button that says “Get a Free Phone.”

To complete your purchase, please adhere to the provided guidelines. Be mindful that certain limitations apply to this offer. A suitable wireless plan must be selected, and you need to be either a new subscriber or an existing T-Mobile customer. In some cases, you might also be required to trade in an eligible device.

Here are the full terms and conditions of the deal:

  • Offer is applicable for new and existing clients.
  • Should register for a qualifying wireless plan.
  • might require trading in an eligible device.
  • The offer is only valid till supplies last. T-Mobile claims all authority to modify or drop this offer whenever.
  • Please get in touch with T-Mobile’s customer service if you have any questions about this offer.

Sprint’s Offer for a Free iPhone 8 Plus

Sprint provides the opportunity to get a free iPhone 8 Plus by trading in a qualified device and subscribing to a new line of service. Eligible devices for trade-in include iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8+, and LG V30. The new service line must be signed up with Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan. The trade-in values of these eligible devices fluctuate depending on their condition.

For example, an iPhone 7 in good condition may be exchanged for $350. Furthermore, the storage capacity of a device influences its trade-in value; an iPhone 7 Plus with a storage capacity of 256GB might fetch $400. This free iPhone 8 Plus offer is open to new and existing Sprint customers.

New customers must activate a new service line to be considered eligible. Meanwhile, current customers can qualify for the offer by trading in an acceptable device and adding a new service line to their account. Remember, this complimentary iPhone 8 Plus offer from Sprint is a limited-time promotion and can be modified or withdrawn anytime.

The steps to avail of this free iPhone 8 Plus from Sprint are as follows:

  • Trade in a qualifying device.
  • Initiate a new service line on Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan.
  • Obtain your iPhone 8 Plus at no cost.
  • This free iPhone 8 Plus promotion is an excellent strategy to acquire a new iPhone without a significant financial outlay.

If you’re considering transitioning to Sprint or adding a new line of service, this offer is worth contemplating. To gain more insight into this deal, visit the Sprint website or contact a Sprint customer service representative.

People Also Ask

People Also Ask

Is the government giving free iPhones?

Through its Lifeline program, the U.S. government offers low-income families the opportunity to apply for a free iPhone. Eligibility for this program typically extends to families that receive government assistance, including benefits like food stamps or Medicaid.

Is there an option for me to upgrade my iPhone?

You can switch to the latest iPhone model, but remember that you will be accountable for any extra costs associated with the upgrade. Also, please note that all service providers may not offer this upgrade option.

Is it possible for me to get an iPhone 8 even if I’m currently not employed?

An unemployed person can access this free iPhone from the government under the same program.

Which government schemes can give me a discount on an iPhone 8?

You could obtain a discounted iPhone 8 if you qualify for government assistance programs. Such programs could include the Wireless Telephone Discount Program organized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) or the Wireless Telephone Discount Program offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

What is the Process of Applying for free phones online without a credit card?

Indeed, several methods exist to obtain a free mobile phone without requiring a credit card. One approach is to use a government assistance program to offer free or subsidized phones to low-income people.

Another way is to enter into a new mobile phone plan with a service provider that provides free phones as part of a new contract. Finally, online classified and auction platforms can also be a source of discounted or free phones.

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Bringing the Article to a Close

In conclusion, various government programs like Lifeline Assistance, Affordable Connectivity Program, National Lifeline Association, and Connect America Fund provide an excellent opportunity for eligible individuals to acquire a free iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. These initiatives promote digital inclusivity among low-income households, demonstrating the government’s commitment to bridging the digital divide.

While program specifics may vary, the common goal is to ensure everyone has access to essential technology, empowering them to participate fully in our increasingly digital world.

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