Get Boost Mobile Free iPhone 11: Without Paying a Penny 2024

Get Boost Mobile Free iPhone 11 Without Paying a Penny

This write-up looks at how to Get Boost Mobile Free iPhone 11W without Paying a Penny.

Boost Mobile is giving away iPhone 11 for free if you switch from another phone company. Normally, the iPhone 11 costs $299.99 with Boost Mobile. You can get this deal online or at their store.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get cheaper or free boost mobile iPhone 11 deals.

Let’s dive in!

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What is Boost Mobile

What is Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is a prepaid phone service. They offer fast internet,

good phone signal, and hotspot services. If you like iPhones and use Boost Mobile, you might wonder if they have a special deal on the iPhone 11.

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Does Boost Mobile Provide Free iPhone 11

Does Boost Mobile Provide Free iPhone 11

Boost Mobile has attractive promotions for the iPhone 11 and free iPhones for students as well, making it easier for customers to own. With Boost Mobile’s special offers, you can purchase the iPhone 11 for just $299.99.

Why You Might Opt for Boost Mobile in 2023

While there are many providers with enticing deals for the iPhone 11 and also for iPhone 12, iPhone 6s, and even iPhone XR, Boost Mobile sets itself apart in various ways:

  • Boost Mobile presents affordable iPhone deals combined with cost-effective unlimited high-speed data plans.
  • Take advantage of Boost Mobile’s broad network coverage, offering expansive connectivity choices.
  • Relish the flexibility of their no-contract services, enabling you to terminate your plan whenever you wish without facing penalties.
  • With Boost Mobile, enjoy a straightforward service that eliminates the need for credit checks, avoids roaming fees, and clears hidden charges.

How to Get a Boost Mobile Free iPhone 11

How to Get a Boost Mobile Free iPhone 11

Boost Mobile has a deal where you can get an iPhone 11, iPhone 13, and iPhone XS for less money or even free. But it would help if you did a few things to get this deal.

  • You need to pick a specific phone plan.
  • This deal is for new people and those already using Boost Mobile.
  • Remember, you can only get one free iPhone 11 for each person.

Ready to get your iPhone 11? Here’s what to do:

  • Sign up with Boost Mobile. Go to this website:
  • “” Look for the “deals” section.
  • Find the iPhone 11 deal and click on it. Pick the iPhone 11 you want and order it.
  • They’ll send the phone to you without any extra shipping cost.
  • Pick a phone plan and start using it when you get the phone!

iPhone 11 Pro Boost Mobile: How Does it Work

iPhone 11 Pro Boost Mobile

“Free” in telecommunication promotions usually comes with conditions attached. Here’s a breakdown of how this promotion might typically work:

  • Switching Providers: Often, such deals require users to switch from another carrier to Boost Mobile. So, if you’re with another service provider, you could be eligible.
  • Trade-In: In some cases, you may be required to trade in a qualifying device. Depending on its age and condition, this device could significantly reduce the cost of the iPhone 11.
  • Plans: You must likely sign up for one of Boost Mobile’s plans. Sometimes, the most premium plans are the ones that come with the ‘free’ phone offer. The iPhone 11 boost mobile price is reasonable for anybody looking to minimize their mobile bill. Do the math to ensure that the monthly cost doesn’t offset the savings from the free phone.
  • Installments: When a phone is described as free, it might mean $0 upfront. You may still have to pay for the device in monthly installments, but these could be offset by monthly credits over a contract period, making the phone effectively ‘free’.
  • Contract Period: To ensure you stick around and don’t just walk away with a free phone, Boost Mobile may require you to commit to a contract, usually lasting 18 to 24 months.

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iPhone 11 Pro Boost Mobile: Things to Consider

iPhone 11 Pro Boost Mobile Things to Consider

Before jumping at the boost mobile free iPhone offer, consider the following:

  • Coverage: While Boost Mobile operates on T-Mobile’s network, ensuring you’ll get good service in your area is vital. Check coverage maps and maybe even ask friends or neighbours about their experience.
  • Total Costs: Consider other costs like activation fees, potential taxes, and the monthly plan rate when calculating total costs.
  • Newer Models: If you’re someone who always needs the latest tech, remember that the iPhone 11, while excellent, isn’t the newest out there. Weigh the benefits of getting a free iPhone 11 against purchasing a unique model.
  • Contract Implications: If you decide to leave Boost Mobile before your contract ends, you may have to pay the remaining balance for the phone or face other penalties.

Activating Your Boost Mobile Free iPhone 11

Activating Your Boost Mobile Free iPhone 11

Once you’ve got your hands on the free iPhone 11 from Boost Mobile, you’ll need to choose the right plan and contact your phone ready. The way you activate your iPhone depends on whether you’re new to Boost Mobile or already a customer. Let’s go through the process for both.

For New Customers

  • Go to Boost Mobile’s activation website: “
  • “Click on “New customer.”
  • Choose “Activate the new device.”
  • Decide if you want a new phone number or if you’re moving an old one over.
  • Please put in your phone’s ID Number (ESN, IMEI, or MEID) to link it with your new Boost Mobile account.

Follow the steps shown to finish setting up.

For Existing Customers

  • Go to this website: “”
  • Choose “existing customer” and press “Continue.”
  • Log in using your phone number and PIN.
  • Just follow the steps that show up to get your phone ready.

Key Features of the iPhone 11

  • Compatible with both GSM and CDMA, so you can easily switch SIM cards.
  • Impressive battery life means fewer charges are needed.
  • Equipped with an ultrawide lens, capturing more expansive scenes for better photos.
  • Available in multiple colours: red, white, space grey, green, yellow, and purple.
  • Features a liquid retina HD screen for brilliant colour and easy brightness adjustment.
  • Designed to be both dust-resistant and water-resistant, ensuring longer life and less worry.
  • Comes with standard features: Bluetooth, NFC for contactless payments, and Face ID for security.

Advantages of Getting a Free iPhone 11 With Boost Mobile

  • Simple Setup: Activating your Boost iPhone is a breeze, quick and straightforward.
  • Fast 5G Network: Experience super-fast internet with Boost’s coverage, part of America’s most extensive 5G networks.
  • Save Money: Enjoy using your iPhone 11 boost mobile price which is in fact wallet-friendly plan. Get the best without overspending.

People Also Ask

People Also Ask

Below are the commonly asked questions about boost mobile iPhone 11 deals. Let’s delve deeper to understand more.

How much is iPhone 11 when you switch to Boost?

When switching to Boost and confirming your ID, the iPhone 11 64GB costs $49.99. Without verifying your ID, it’s priced at $499.

How soon can I receive the iPhone 11 from Boost Mobile?

Once you order the free iPhone 11 from Boost Mobile, they’ll promptly begin the shipping. Depending on where you live, it typically arrives in a few days.

Can the iPhone 11 from Boost Mobile be used on another network?

Definitely! You can switch your Boost Mobile iPhone 11 to a different service provider. Just check that the iPhone 11 is unlocked and matches the specifications of the new network, and then you’re set.

How much can you save with Boost Mobile’s iPhone 11 offer?

Boost Mobile offers the iPhone 11 for just $349.99. They provide a limited warranty with each purchase. Plans start at $10 for unlimited talk and text plus 1GB of data. Unlimited data plans are $50 for 12GB hotspots and $60 for 30 GB. Boost ensures comprehensive 4G LTE coverage with its Expanded Network.

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Bringing the Article to a Close

Boost Mobile’s free iPhone promotion showcases its commitment to providing customers with top-tier devices at accessible prices.

This move attracts new users to their platform and emphasizes their expansive 4G LTE coverage through the Expanded Network. Paired with competitive plan rates, Boost Mobile is a compelling choice for those seeking quality service and premium devices without breaking the bank.

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