Why you should become a lifeguard

Become a Better Leader

Lifeguards are put in leadership positions. They have the responsibility to ensure the safety of the water they watch over — and doing so requires them to initiate confrontation with people who pose a threat to that safety. Being given such a serious stewardship teaches the same type of responsibility shared by great leaders.

It Pays Well

Unlike many other summer jobs that offer poor pay, lifeguarding generally pays above minimum wage. The wage you earn will depend on the type of lifeguard position you get. Working at a public pool or amusement park tends to pay the least. Private pools, country clubs, and swim clubs generally offer higher wages.

If you go for extended lifeguard classes , you can get a lifeguard position working at a State Park or a stretch of ocean, you’ll earn substantially more money — as much as $15 per hour (in some cases, even more). These positions pay more because they require greater skill level and certification, as you need to acquire open-water certification.

Whether you end up with an open-water job or just work at a public pool, the pay will likely be better than a job flipping burgers for the summer.

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