Wholesale Suppliers – How to Protect Yourself from Fake Wholesale Suppliers

How to Protect Yourself from Fake Wholesale Suppliers

You can make extra money by going to the wholesale business. In fact, many people have discovered that there is huge potential to make money buying and selling wholesale products from China. However, to be successful in the wholesale business, you have to know where to get your products at a cheap price. It is important to find legitimate and reputable wholesale suppliers.

A simple internet search will yield thousands of wholesale suppliers. They all promise the lowest prices and the best deals for their products. Unfortunately, some of them may turn out to be fake suppliers. Many may even be middlemen pretending to be wholesalers. How can you tell legitimate suppliers of fakes? Here are some tips to help you identify possible fake suppliers.

First of all, check the vendor’s website. He must provide the company’s full name and company registration number, as well as provide contact details that include the business address and phone number. Check the address. Suspect if the address does not exist or if it is located in a poor or residential area. The company must also have a fixed number. Again, be careful if the provider only provides a mobile number. Legitimate businesses have fax numbers and business deals.

How to Protect Yourself from Fake Wholesale Suppliers

When you try to call, the respondent must give the business name and identify themselves, otherwise there is a high probability that the provider is not legitimate.

A legitimate company will ask for the company name or tax number for its own protection. Of course, they also want to make sure that they are dealing with a legitimate entrepreneur or entrepreneur. Failure on their part to ask for this vital information may indicate that you are dealing with a fake supplier.

Ask the supplier for a sample of the product. Legitimate suppliers will be happy to provide one or invite you to visit the nearest showroom. If you get evasive answers, it’s best to find another provider. You should also be very concerned if the company tells you that you have no stock available when you place an order, but insists that you pay first before you place the order. Probably these are middlemen who will get the products of a real wholesaler using their money. Worse, they can be scammers and you’ll never see any more products or money.

Another telltale sign that you might be dealing with a fake supplier is if they suddenly stop responding to your emails, especially if you ask too many questions.

You can also protect yourself by using secure payment methods like PayPal, Commitment and major credit cards. However, you should also be aware that many legitimate China wholesale suppliers can only accept wire transfers simply because they can not get credit cards and PayPal. When dealing with suppliers for the first time, be safe and order only small quantities.

Finally, ask the other business owners and sellers about the company in which you are interested. The firsthand experience can give you a wealth of information that will tell you if the supplier is reputable and reliable.

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