Investing on Singapore Real Estate

Singapore is one of the most attractive places to live in Asia. The island’s strategic location and investor friendly governance is also providing immense leverage for foreign investors and enterprises to park their assets or to anchor their Asian operations here. A property in Singapore enhances their asset portfolio and invariably proves to be a prudent choice as it serves multiple purposes as a residential or office unit, or as an additional stream of revenue. After a significant holding period the investment reaps them good returns.

Foreigners are permitted to invest in Singapore property with limited restrictions covering landed properties. Foreigners who are keen on staying in Singapore for an extended period may even seek Permanent Residence (PR) visa under Enterprise Development Board’s Global Investor Programme (GIP). Under this GIP scheme investors can gain PR by investing at least S$1 million, part of which can be invested in real estate.

A significant portion of property purchases in Singapore is by Foreigners, who account for nearly 25% of the purchases. The political stability and transparent single tier tax regime which, does not tax capital gains, are other factors that encourage foreign investment in Singapore Property such asĀ The Antares Macpherson Estate. The garden city provides standard of living equivalent to that of any western developed nation and provides a vibrant environment to live, work and play. Singapore is open to foreign talent and especially welcomes entrepreneurial investors who can add more value to the economy. Apart from GIP there are other schemes such as Entrepass geared towards drawing foreign entrepreneurs and P category work passes to attract exceptionally skilled or qualified foreign talent. A cosmopolitan Singapore categorically amplifies the stature of investments and investors.

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