Customizing Joomla! Web Templates

Joomla! is an award winning open source content management system which comes with a default website design template. The navigation structure in the default template is very moderate and can be used in the websites for general purpose. Since, now even the big corporate houses, government sites and others have started using Joomla! as a professional platform to launch their websites customization using these templates and the other templates as well, have become frequent/ is quite often.

Even Joomla! customization becomes necessary for the websites that have commercial value attached to them. Businesses using Joomla! as their e-shop or service platform where people can come and place orders or make purchases, customization becomes more obvious. Designing with proper call-to-action and navigation structure is a part of customization only. The next important thing you can work on is the look, feel and presentation of your website depending upon the nature and demography you tend to target.

Custom Joomla! Templates

Changing Joomla! templates is not at all difficult. A basic knowledge of Joomla! can help you in changing your desired design template. There are many galleries, blogs and website who offer free Joomla! design template and you can easily install them. But if you are looking for a high end customization then, you definitely require some professional support and help while installation so that you can be saved from the complexities attached. There are many online shops like from where you can purchase some finely designed Responsive Joomla templates whether  Joomla shopping cart templates or standard Joomla templates as per your requirement.

Free Joomla! Templates

Free Joomla! templates are available and can be downloaded for free but you may not find them completely suiting your requirement/s. As far as the customization goes, there is not much scope for professional support to help you get what you actually need. A free design template may bring the possibility to hamper the design of your website, store or community. So be sure while using a free design template.

Paid Joomla! Templates

Paid Joomla! Templates are tailored according to your requirement and can be customized to highest degree of your satisfaction. You get full professional support, installation, and look & feel matching to your desire/need.

Things, which you should check while going for a paid Joomla! template:

1: The template must have exactly the same look & feel as you have had dreamt of. It must match the theme of your store, community or website. It should have all the functionality exactly matching to your requirements.

2: The template codes must be flexible enough to tweak to change. And an adjustment to the final layout should not be complex. The codes must be readable and editable.

3: The design must have cross browser compatibility as one of its feature.

Setting up a professional website using Joomla! as a CMS is as easy as getting a high quality and professional looking website design template.

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